Webmail Backup Tool to Archive, Backup Webmail INBOX Folder Emails with Attachments

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I am having a multiple accounts in Office 365. One I use is for personal purpose and other is for organization. The data carried by both the accounts are important. So, in order to avoid any data loss circumstance, I want to take email backup from webmail and transfer the entire mailbox to hard drive. But, the main issue is that I do not know any reliable Webmail Backup Tool. If anyone is aware of any backup app, please provide me ASAP!

Are you looking a method for how to take backup of emails from Webmail? If yes, then not to worry anymore. In the following section, a user will surely get the solution of all its queries:

  1. How to Backup Webmail Folders in an exact way?
  2. How to Add Webmail to Desktop?
  3. How to Backup Webmail INBOX accurately?
  4. How to Take Backup of Emails from Webmail?
  5. How to Backup all Emails from Webmail?

These are some of the common queries asked by users on forums these days. After examining user’s situations and need, experts has designed Email Backup Tool. A reliable and hassle-free backup utility, which will give the way out of “how do I archive emails in Webmail?”  Download the freeware edition of the tool and backup first 20 mails from desired server/account to another account free of cost.

Complete Steps of How to Backup all Emails from Webmail Folders

Follow the step-by-step process and carry out the process of how to backup Webmail INBOX to another Webmail/IMAP/Cloud/Desktop email apps:

Step 1. Download and open Webmail Backup Tool on any Windows PC.

open migration software

Step 2. The tool will open with the multiple source lists appearing on left software window. Choose the desired source from the same and continue.

choose email source

Step 3. Enter the login details and click on Login button.

fill required details

Step 4. Now, the software start listing the mailboxes of specified account with checkboxes.

mail folders listing

Step 5. On the right side of the software, click the drop-down arrow of Select Saving Option and choose the required account/server or file type for backup.

select option to save emails

Step 6. Apply other settings such as saving path, filter etc. to get the desired outcome.

use filters for selective mail migration

Step 7. Click on Backup to start Webmail Backup process.

start the migration

Step 8. Hit OK after getting an alert message on screen i.e. “Conversion is Done”.  A TXT file will open showing the backup summary which can be saved by a user as a report for future purpose.

process is finished

By implementing the mentioned steps successfully, one can quickly take backup of all emails from Webmail account to Webmail/IMAP/Cloud/Desktop hard drive. Let us discuss the facilities that it offers to users.

Benefits Offered by Webmail Backup Tool

It is one of the best safe and easiest utility for backing up entire Webmail mailbox to another account. It is a direct and effective way and only an internet connectivity with great speed is required to backup/archive Webmail emails. The application has self-descriptive interface, which means that a user does not require the support of IT expertise to operate the same. Some of the main features of the tool are listed below:

Backup all Webmail Emails in Bulk:

Webmail Backup Tool has the functionality to backup multiple mails from Webmail INBOX folder to different account at one time. The data originality remain intact and precise throughout the process.

Selective Webmail Folders Backup:

If you want a backup of required folders, then it can be implemented successfully by utilizing the Webmail Backup Tool. You can take the backup of desired folder by selecting/deselecting the checkboxes attached with every listed folder.

Easy Backup Emails with Attachments

The Webmail Backup Tool is programmed after surveying the user needs. So, if a user is backing up Webmail folders, then the tool will take care of each and every detail a single mail is carrying. If a particular email has an attachment then the tool will automatically move the same with the mail with 100% accuracy.

Multiple Filters for Desired Mail Backup

The Webmail Backup Tool includes multiple filters such as to, from, subject and date range. A user can specify the desired phrase in the field or give a range in date range option and easily backup the required emails to another server without trouble.

Webmail Backup to Webmail/Cloud Apps

The Webmail Backup Tool delivers multiple saving options for easy and trouble-free process. With the help of the tool, a user can backup Webmail folder/INBOX to Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange Server, Yahoo Mail, IMAP Server and more.

Backup Webmail Folders to Hard Drive

The Webmail Backup Tool also provide the benefit of saving Webmail emails to hard drive/Desktop/Computer. The tool has the functionality to backup Webmail messages to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, MBOX, MHT and HTML.

Runs on all Versions of Windows OS:

The Webmail Backup Tool is designed in a way that a user can run and use the tool on any version of Windows OS. It supports both 32bit and 64bit Windows editions and capable to install on Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc.

The Last Words 

Webmail Backup Tool is an advance and most recommended utility to those who wants to backup Webmail folders efficiently. It is a direct one to one method, which means that a user has to enter only the login details in source and destination account and the rest of the process will be done successfully by the tool. The application will take few seconds and backup entire folder to desired account/file type without damaging the originality of email content. Download the free demo of Email Backup Tool now and analyse the software processing without trouble.