How to Save Thunderbird Emails to Hard Drive?

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Recently I found many users are asking same question how to save Thunderbird emails to hard drive. Is the same question also bothering you? If your answer is yes, then this blog completely belongs to you. Here we will discuss the best solution through which you can save Thunderbird email to PDF. Before directly jumping to the methods, first we take a brief about the benefits of saving Thunderbird emails as PDF to know why the need arises to save Thunderbird email to PDF.

Benefits of Saving Thunderbird Emails as PDF

  • To keep database safe one can protect PDF file by password.
  • PDF files are portable and flexible in nature and it can be easily shared vie internet, emails or any other external device.
  • PDF files can be easily printed, if anyone wants the hard-copy of any document they first convert the files in PDF.
  • PDF files are accepted as evidence in almost all fields.
  • PDF files are easily accessible in mobile, laptop, tablets or any Operating system.

Manual Method:

Manual method to save Thunderbird email to PDF involve two phases


  1. Open Thunderbird application on your system.
  2. Go to Tools>> Add-ons
  3. Now click on setting and then install Add-On from File.
  4. Further select Import/Export Add-on and install it in your Thunderbird.


  1. Select Thunderbird files/folder you want to save as PDF.
  2. Go to File and then click on Save selected messages>> choose PDF format.
  3. Now select the destination path according to your need and press Ok to finish the process.

Limitation of Manual Method:

  1. Manual method is not capable of saving associated attachments with Thunderbird emails to PDF.
  2. The process is for technical background user. The user whom profession is not technical cannot understand it and may get confuse.
  3. If you save bulk of Thunderbird email as PDF through this method then there is risk of data loss and system mal functioning.

Thunderbird to PDF Converter- A Smart Solution

Thunderbird to PDF Converter is a third party software which enable user to save Thunderbird emails to PDF with all type of associated attachments. Let’s see the working of the software by following steps…..

Step 1: Download Thunderbird to PDF Converter and launch it on your system.

add MBOX files

Step 2: Select Thunderbird mailbox by using File mode and Folder mode of the software.

add MBOX files

Step 3: The software load all your selected Thunderbird files and start showing the preview of selected files.

preview selected mbox files

Step 4: Now select the output type as PDF to save Thunderbird mailboxes and press Next.

choose saving file format

Step 5: Further apply the advance PDF saving option and choose the destination location in which you want to save your files and hit on Export.

live mbox files conversion progress

Step 6: Finally a dialogue box open with a message “Conversion completed successfully, click on save report to save it for future use.

conversion done

Benefits of Using Thunderbird to PDF Converter

  • Thunderbird to PDF Converter save multiple Thunderbird email as PDF in one go and saves your precious time.
  • It also provides various file naming combination such as Subject + Date, From + Subject + Date, Date + From + Subject etc. to save Thunderbird emails to PDF.
  • The software save Thunderbird email to PDF in original folder structure and folder hierarchy.
  • It is a desktop based application which is accessible in all Windows version i.e. 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc.
  • Thunderbird to PDF Converter is an independent application which doesn’t need installation of Thunderbird and Ms Outlook in the system to perform migration of Thunderbird email to PDF.
  • The software provides advanced filters like to, from, bcc, cc, subject, date etc. to save Thunderbird emails to PDF.
  • Thunderbird to PDF Converter gives various option to save Thunderbird email to PDF with attachments.
  • Through software preview mode one can cross check selected Thunderbird emails before conversion.


We hope after reading this blog user can easily know how to save Thunderbird emails to hard drive easily. Here we give you two ways through which you can save Thunderbird emails to PDF. If you don’t want to waste your precious time and are risk averse person then use Thunderbird Converter for this Purpose. Download Thunderbird to PDF Converter demo version to save first 20 Thunderbird emails to PDF for free.