How to Move from Kerio to Office 365 in Easy Way

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Are you thinking about how to migrate from Kerio to Office 365 and also want to go with the mails, contacts, calendar, notes & other data from Kerio to Office 365 migration? Then this write-up is exact place for such users who are looking for complete solution to move from Kerio to Office 365 directly. Kerio is good mail server and offline app to work for data management in small & large organization but Office 365 is also another cloud web app which is in demand for handling & managing data on cloud. Therefore, lots of users are such who would like to move data from Kerio to Office 365 with no data loss process. So the blog is created and share information about this solution. Before getting solution for Kerio Connect to Office 365, get some information about them –

Is moving data to Office 365 from Kerio Connect, good plan?

Although Kerio is strong & rich feature mail server solution for mail, calendar, quick collaboration & messaging, it is not a useful for entire types of organizations. Kerio Connect was provided for small & mid-sized commercials but if you are looking for enterprise-class-mail solutions.

When Kerio was launched in 2001, it became one of the initial groupware solutions providing a complete-featured enterprise mail solution. As it has developed considerably since then, Kerio Connect still has some drawbacks which prompt users, particularly large organizations, to believe transferring to MS Exchange or precisely Office 365.

Why MS Office 365 is better than Kerio Connect?

With its large user-base, as well as its sizeable data, Microsoft not only manages to check its products with Office 365 that is better than the most of its challengers but also provides new editions normally with developed features on new technologies at regular time period.

So there is also a component of familiarity & legacy. As the most systems users all across globe use Microsoft tools as their business package, Office 365 provides an added profit of integrating famous Office web apps flawlessly. O365 has pre-included SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive for commercial purpose, Teams, etc.

No-one can hit Microsoft efforts when it provides data safely. Microsoft is well-known to keep the data of its users intensely & safely. It fulfils almost entire compliance necessities of the business. Office 365 provides Advance Threat Protection & O365 cloud app security which may be the most wide-ranging security package for large enterprise.

How to Move from Kerio to Office 365 Safely

If you are really in need and would like to get a perfect & safe Kerio to Office 365 migration solution then at this time you can go with Kerio Converter that can resolve your all problems & queries regarding this mentioned topic. The Kerio Connect to Office 365 Tool supports all developed & well-tested functions which provides exact, save, quick and perfect data performance outcome. It doesn’t only migrate mails but it also move contacts, calendar, notes, task and other data from Kerio to Office 365 cloud account directly. It maintains all mails properties and other data elements so don’t panic about its migration. It works smoothly and provides exact result within few minutes.

Still, have doubt or confusion because various utilities are available in online market, which claim that they are the best. In such situation, to overcome from this confusion, the program provides facility to download it and move 25 items (emails, contacts, notes, task) from selected each Kerio folder to Office 365 absolutely free of cost. Therefore, try first and then decide to go for unlimited data migration from Kerio Connect to MS Office 365 with no data loss.