How to Migrate Office 365 to Hosted Exchange Server?

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Are you looking for a solution to switch from Office 365 to Hosted Exchange server? If yes then in the following write up, we will provide all the possible information required for Office 365 and Hosted Exchange server, and the know-how to convert, export, move, migrate from office 365 to Hosted Exchange Server.

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 are two popular contributions from Microsoft in the email management system in organizations. Popularly known for email servers, based on the same Application – MS Exchange, but the deployment type of both the mail servers makes them different from each other. When we are talking about mail servers, there comes another option namely – “Hosted Exchange” like Office 365 as they both segmented under Software-as-a-Service Platform (SAAS).

Despite all the similarities, there are many reasons due to which users are making the switch or changing the platform from Office 365 to Hosted Exchange. Let’s discuss the benefits of Hosted Exchange server over Office 365 and know why you should migrate from Office 365 to Hosted Exchange Server.

  • Choice on the version of Exchange – With Hosted Exchange Server, users can select version of Exchange according to their choice. Hosted Exchange service providers provide different versions of Exchange whereas Microsoft provides only the latest with Office 365.
  • No extra Training needed – As the users have the option to stay with existing version of Exchange, so there will be no need to update the Outlook Client too resulting in no need for extra training for employees.
  • Deployment is Easier – Almost every hosted Exchange service provider offer deployment assistance and provide technical support to its customers. So, deploying a hosted Exchange is usually easier.

After knowing the reasons and benefits, now the question arises “how?”. How is one going to accomplish the migrate office 365 mailbox to Hosted Exchange server?

There are manual methods for migrating mailboxes from Office 365 Accounts to Hosted Exchange Server, but they are complicated, risky and time -taking procedures. The manual method assures nothing regarding migration success. Therefor I would recommend using – “A third-party tool” to migrate mailboxes from O365 to Hosted Exchange by achieving 100% migration success.

MailSouls Office 365 Migration –

MailSouls Office 365 Migration tool is third-party automated solution that allows for secure and hassle-free migrations from Office 365 to Hosted Exchange server. The tool can manage the migration directly from Office 365 Accounts to Exchange Server. The tool not only supports hosted exchange but easily migrate to Office 365 and between Office 365 tenants, to live exchange server, to other email clients that support IMAP.

download office 365 to hosted exchange server migration tool

Lets see the step by step procedure of O365 to Hosted Exchange Server Migration with MailSouls Office 365 Migration:

  1. Launch the program from Start Menu
  2. Choose office 365 from source list to export Office 365 mailboxes to Hosted Exchange Server
  3. Start by logging into Office 365 Account by providing account details (Email Address & Password) from where you wish to Export data to Hosted Exchange.You can also use Administrator option if you wish to migrate multiple office 365 accounts to hosted exchange server. For that, you need to use account with impersonation at the time of login. Know how to Apply Impersonation in Office 365.
  4. 4. After login, software will load all the mail folders present in the account. If you looged in as Administrator, software will load all the accounts and inside the accounts all the mail folders.
  5. Select the folders you wish to export to Hosted Exchange server.
  6. For hosted exchange server, choose “Hosted Exchange Server” from the saving option list. Fill the details to connect to Hosted Exchange server:
  7. Choose filter options to make the O365 to Hosted Exchange migration process more precise.
  8. Once all the settings selected, click the Backup button to start exporting Office 365 mailbox data to hosted exchange server.
  9. Software will start exporting Office 365 accounts data to Hosted exchange server as shown below –
  10. After complete conversion software will show a conversion log that will include what all data like mail folder, email count, time-taken is exported to Hosted Exchange server.

And this is how easily you can migrate your mailboxes from Office 365 to Hosted Exchange server with easy to use MailSouls Office 365 Migration software.