How to Save Gmail Emails with Attachments to Hard Drive?

admin | email converter software technology | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 12-07-2019

In one or different way, every person has a need of email. And, Gmail is one of the popular source for transferring or sending/receiving information from one place to another.  And, in the following blog, one can get the full details about how to backup Gmail account email to desktop without trouble.

Undoubtedly, more than half of the popular prefer Gmail application for managing emails. And, the reason behind this is simple. Gmail is a Webmail service, offered by Google that allow to manage items of Google mailbox from anywhere and at any time. The secured Gmail environment enable users to store their important data on Google account. It allow users option to set 2-Step Verification and Less Secure Apps. An individual Gmail account delivers numerous services such as Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Maps, Hangout, YouTube, Google Play, Google +, Google Photos, Google Contacts, Google Webmaster, Google Books etc. In the current era, Gmail ID is useful in accessing several applications, devices, services and more.

But, with so much benefits, there are also some issues associated with Gmail. The main thing is that it does not include the option of downloading Gmail emails to PDF. It does provide, but the format requires the support of application. And Gmail is a services that helps to store all the mailbox items due to which many users face issue such as sharing of mailbox items, access them offline or saving the same for future purpose.

Why to Save Gmail Emails to Desktop Hard Drive?

As everyone knows that these days Gmail account is very useful, so several users are transferring their essential information in Google Webmail Server. Moreover, there are many things that unexpectedly happens which force users to download Gmail account time to time. Having a backup of Gmail mailbox folders on local hard drive help users in accessing the mailbox data easily even when working offline. And, this thing will allow users to share their mailbox with partners or colleagues to move the information. There are numerous reasons for a user to save mails from Gmail account to desktop. Sometimes, a need arise of Gmail to Gmail migration or want to switch the entire account on Microsoft Office 365.

How to Download Gmail Emails as PDF/Hard Drive?

Gmail provides the direct option for user to print Gmail emails to local PC as PDF. Follow the steps and check how to perform that:

Step 1. Download Gmail Backup Tool on any Windows OS version.

open application

Step 2. Choose Gmail from the source list that is appearing on left software window.

click gmail option

Step 3. Enter the related login details from which you want to transfer the data into PDF and click on Login button.

enter login details

Step 4. Now, the tool will start listing the folders of Gmail on the left pane.

display gmail folder

Step 5. Select PDF option from the given list of saving options. And, set the destination path to save the resultant file.

select option

Step 6. Apply the filter as per need to save resultant file.

apply filters

Step 7. Click on Backup and the tool will start saving Gmail emails to PDF format.

start the process

So, by using the mentioned steps, one can successfully save mails from Gmail account to desktop hard drive without disturbing the data originality and related email components.


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