How to Save Gmail Emails with Attachments as PDF?

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In today’s era, everyone knows how the data is important for business sustenance. Even, it is completely essential for individual user as for an enterprise. And, without having a single doubt, billions of users exchange their data via Gmail. Therefore, it become very important for us to download Gmail emails to computer with attachments before the sudden arise of misshapen. So, finding an appropriate solution is not an easy task. Here, in the following article we have tried to deliver the best method of users query “how do I save multiple Gmail emails as one PDF?” But, before discussing the solution, let us know the importance of Gmail database.

Why to Download Gmail Emails to Computer is Important?

The use of Gmail is increasing in a rapid speed from few years. One can use it to move their crucial database from one place to another such as bank statements, business report, account details, pictures, contact number etc. And, as Gmail is a web based account, so there is always a possibility of data loss. So, in order to deal with such situations, it is better to download Gmail emails to computer. Let us now check how to save email from Gmail as PDF.

How to Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDF?

Gmail to PDF is one of the best and reliable utility to download Gmail emails to computer. The application is built-up with easy GUI and includes advance features so that one can apply the same as per need to get the desired result. Download the free demo of the tool with the help of which one can check and analyse the processing to download Gmail emails to computer. Follow the steps and implement carefully to save email from Gmail to PDF:

Step 1. Download and Open Gmail Backup Tool on any Windows OS.

open application

Step 2. Click on Gmail option as a source from the list displaying on left software pane.

click gmail option

Step 3. Enter the Gmail login details in the required fields and press Login button.

enter login details

Step 4. Software start listing the Gmail mailboxes on the left software window with checkboxes that can be used for selective execution.

display gmail folder

Step 5. Now, choose PDF as a file type from the list of saving formats. Set destination path, apply filter (if necessary) and click on Backup button.

select option

Step 6. Backup process will instantly start and completes the same by showing a message on the screen “Conversion Done Successfully”.

start the process

Once the steps are successfully implemented, users can open Gmail mails into PDF without hassle. The email components and folder structure remain accurate and precise throughout the process. Some of the common features of the tool are as listed:

Quickly Save all Gmail Emails as PDF

The Gmail Migration Tool is a precise and effortless way to save complete Gmail folders such as Outbox, Inbox, Custom Folders, Sent Items, Drafts etc. The tool has the capability of saving multiple emails from Gmail account as PDF at one time with no data loss.

Easily Save Single Gmail Account Data

By using the application, users can instantly save data from individual user account. They only need to enter the details of the Gmail account whose data they want to move. And, the tool will quickly start the process and download Gmail emails to computer within seconds.

Multiple Filters for Selective Process

Number of filters are available to save emails from Gmail as PDF in order to execute selective process. At first, folders are listed with checkboxes; users can select/deselect the folder and perform desired migration. Moreover, user can choose specific sender, receiver, subject, date range and move selective data to PDF.

Provides Multiple File Naming Options

When saving Gmail to PDF, the tool offers multiple naming options such as subject of the message + sent/received date, from+subject+date, date+from+subject etc. One can apply the same as per need to save the resultant file accordingly for easy accessibility.

Maintain Email Attributes & Folder Structure

The task of the application is not only to move emails from one account to another format, but also takes care of the email attributes such as Cc, Bcc, Images, To, Subject, From, Hyperlinks etc. Moreover, the structure of the Gmail folder remain preserved and accurate as before.

The Last Words

The article has discussed the technique that will help out to save email from Gmail to PDF. There are lot of Email Backup Tool available but it is necessary to choose the reliable one. And Gmail Migration Tool is the best application for downloading Gmail emails to computer. Download the free demo of the application that is added so that one can analyse and understand the software working with features. It allows to save first 20 mails from Gmail account to PDF with attachments.