How to Migrate Gmail Account to Office 365?

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Are you searching a tool to migrate user Gmail accounts to Office 365 with mails and associated attachments? Then no need to look for it anymore, here an appropriate and reliable Gmail Migration Tool is provided that facilitates to precisely batch migrate Gmail mails to Office 365 account.

Gmail is a web-mailing server that fulfil the requirement of sending/receiving messages from one place to a different one. But, Office 365 delivers more benefits for enterprise-level uses due to which numerous organizations are switching on the same platform. And, if you are dealing with the query of “how do I move my Gmail account mailbox to Office 365?” then follow the blog and precisely migrate user Gmail accounts to Office 365.

Gmail to Office 365 – Best Tool to Migrate User Gmail Accounts to Office 365

Gmail to O365 Migration Tool is easy and understandable solution for migrating multiple Gmail user account mailboxes to Office 365 environment in a direct way. The application does not require IT skills or knowledge to execute Gmail account to Office 365 migration. Download the freeware edition of the tool that allows to analyse the software functioning and features before purchasing the license key. Follow the steps and discard the issue of how to migrate Gmail account to Office 365.

Step 1. Download, Install and Open Gmail to O365 Migration Tool on any Windows PC.

Step 2. Select Gmail option from the source list appearing on the left side of the app.

Scan & Formatted Scan

Step 3. Enter the login credentials in given username and password field and click on Login.

scanning process

Step 4. Now, the tool start listing the mailbox of Gmail account in an exact folder structure on the left software window with checkboxes.

load gmail folders

Step 5. Choose Office 365 option from the available saving formats.

Browse for Folder

Step 6. Opt the filter option to execute the selective migration, if necessary by using Subject, To, From and Date Range fields.

advanced gmail filters

Step 7. Click on Backup button to start the Gmail user account mailbox to O365 migration process.

By implementing the above-discussed steps, one can get the solution of “how do I move my Gmail account mailbox to Office 365?” The process is simple to execute and keeps the email components and folder structure accurate throughout the process. Below are some of the popular benefits of the tool listed that will give the idea of what the tool provides for the migration.

Noteworthy Features of Gmail to O365 Migration Tool

Direct Gmail Account Migration to Office 365

The software is built after analysing the user needs in mind. It is a remarkable migration utility that bulk migrate Gmail mails of user account to Office 365 with attachments accurately. The tool only requires the login details of source and destination and then it will move all the Gmail emails directly to specified Office 365 account in seconds.

Delivers Advance Filters for Gmail Migration

Gmail to O365 Migration Tool is designed with multiple filters that is applied to migrate desired mails from Gmail account to OWA. The option includes to, from, subject and date range. User can specify and use the option accordingly for the execution of selective migration.

Keeps Gmail Mailbox Folder Structure Intact

The tool maintains the folder structure of Gmail profile in an exact way as before without altering the original data items. The app also allows to save single as well as multiple files from the Gmail account. And, during the process, the software assures that folder hierarchy will be preserved and remain in an exact form.

Migrate Gmail User Mails with Attachments

If you are confused that Gmail to O365 Migration Tool will migrate emails with attachments or not, then there is nothing to worry about. The tool has the capability of migrating unlimited Gmail mails with attachments accurately. And, the content with related email properties will also remain unaltered throughout the process.

Save Migration Process Report in TXT File

Once the tool completes the process, a message will appear on the screen “Conversion Done Successfully”. Clicking OK will open Notepad window showing the migration details such as start date, end date, saving option, destination path and status. The file will then saved as .txt that can be used as a record for future purpose.

Why to Migrate User Gmail Accounts to Office 365?

Office 365 provides many benefits which makes it preferable than Gmail.

  • Gmail use labels than folders. Also, the GUI is outdated and consumes time in sending mails than other apps.
  • O365 is equipped with simple user-friendly interface and combined with drag and drop functionality. It carries easy functioning process for user.
  • Office 365 app does not need synchronization, it saves the complete user database online.
  • Microsoft Office 365 provides free storage that allows to keep the emails of desktop without archiving.
  • Office 365 has more advance and secure features than Gmail.

The Last Words

The blog is discussed so that one will get the solution of “how do I migrate my Gmail account mailbox to Office 365. Here, the appropriate steps have been highlighted of perfect Email Backup Tool which will help you out in migrating Gmail user mailbox to Office 365 environment. The Gmail to O365 Migration Tool helps to batch migrate user Gmail accounts to Office 365 with accurate emails and associated attached files. Download the free demo of the tool on any Windows OS that enables to migrate first 20 files from Gmail account to O365 free of cost.