Google Drive Transfer File to Another Account

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Google Drive is the best way to manage and organize data and in this user can save many important documents of various formats like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. We can also manage our images and video in this application as it can also save these format items. Many of us manage multiple accounts of Google Drive to save huge data in this application so that we can manage data easily and safely. Because of the increase in the use of cloud-based drives the cloud drive migration process also increases.

In this article, we will discuss the manual procedure for cloud drive migration for Google Drive transfer file to another account of the same cloud storage drive. Through this method, you can able to transfer files that are of formats like doc, xls, png, jpg, etc.

Manual Way for Google Drive Transfer File to Another Account

Before starting this way of migration process you need to take the backup of data. As in this method, some steps are technical and full of confusion. Follow these steps to migrate data from Google Drive.

  • Open that Google Drive account from which you want to transfer your data.
  • Select those files and folders which you want to transfer into your destination Google Drive account.
  • Now, right-click on the file or folder and then click on the share icon.
  • Enter the required credentials of the destination Google Drive account. Click on the Advanced button. Through the utilization of Sharing Settings, choose the permission as Is Owner.
  • Now, click on the Send button, then login to your destination account and click on the Shared With Me section which i9s given on the left side of the screen.
  • There is no option in Google Drive to make a copy of folders so you have to make a new folder or sub-folder to move the folder from one Google Drive account to another account.
  • Select individual or all files and right click then choose Make a Copy option and then save them all in newly make folder.
  • Now, move towards the source account and remove all those files and folders which are migrated. You have to remove files from the bin also.

Through these steps, you can Google Drive transfer file to another account of the same drive. But it has some technical steps which can be followed by those only who have technical knowledge.

Automated Solution to Perform Google Drive Migration

To avoid any irrelevancy you can try the Cloud Drive Migration tool which can be utilized by all users and can migrate data safely from one or more than one account of Google Drive to multiple accounts of the same drive. This can maintain the structure of files so that the user can understand migrated data easily. This tool can also migrate selective data through the help of file type filtration and date range filtration. Users can Google Drive transfer file to another account along with all data through the utilization of this expert software.


Through all the above discussion one can understand the manual procedure to migrate data from Google Drive to Google Drive. But if you want to try the migration procedure with the automated solution you can try this with its free version which can be installed on any Windows OS and can perform the process to Google Drive transfer file to another account of Google Drive. This edition of the software can migrate the first item from every folder to give you an overview of the procedure of migration.

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