How to Migrate Gmail to Zimbra with Mails and Attachments?

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Moving emails from cloud environment to desktop is a common process nowadays. Several businesses save their database on cloud for the safety purposes. But, at times, the situation suddenly occurs when one needs to transfer the data from cloud to desktop. It could be due to security purpose, backup and more. Therefore, in the further section we are going to discuss the common query “how to migrate Gmail to Zimbra?” Here, we will be highlighting the appropriate solution of Gmail mail to Zimbra conversion. Let us start the discussion with a query that users are putting up on forums these days –


Recently, my boss asked me a technique for migrating Gmail mails to Zimbra. Actually, my organization is moving to Zimbra server due to some technical issues. I am in a search of tools that can help me out in direct Gmail to Zimbra migration. So, if anyone is aware of any related solution, please recommended ASAP!

Migrate Gmail to Zimbra with Professional Solution

Gmail to Zimbra Tool is a recommended solution, designed by expertise for migrating Gmail emails to Zimbra in a batch. An intelligently programmed tool that is completely Windows based and easily operated by both home and professional users. The application has the functionality of resolving all Gmail to Zimbra related queries. In order to check the entire software working, try the FREE DEMO of the application that allows to migrate 20 Gmail mails to Zimbra with attachments.

Follow the Steps to Export Gmail Mail to Zimbra –

Step 1. Download and open Gmail to Zimbra Tool on Windows machine.

Step 2. Choose Gmail option from the source list appearing on left software window. And, enter the associated login details and press Login button.

Step 3. Software start loading Gmail mailboxes on the software panel on the left side. You can check/uncheck the folders and migrate the required Gmail folders to Zimbra. Select IMAP Server option from the saving output list.

Step 4. The tool will now ask for IMAP server details – enter Zimbra email address, password, IMAP Host and IMAP Port No. Apply Filters for selective migration according to date range, from, to and subject. Click on Backup button and start migrating Gmail to Zimbra. The application will instantly perform direct migration and move complete Gmail database to Zimbra accurately.

By executing the above steps, one can successfully move Gmail mails to Zimbra with accurate email components and folder structure. Some of the main features of the tool are listed below.

Important Features of Gmail to Zimbra Tool

Precise Migration of Gmail Mails to Zimbra

Gmail to Zimbra Tool enables to migrate entire Gmail mailbox items to Zimbra such as Inbox, Sent Items, Outbox, Custom Folders, Drafts etc. The application also facilitates to move contacts, calendar, documents and other Gmail database to Zimbra.

Save Single Gmail Account Data to Zimbra

With Gmail to TGZ Tool, a user can save data from a single Gmail account. One just need to provide the related credentials of Gmail profile and choose the saving option. Then the tool will directly move Gmail folders to Zimbra at one time.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy during Process

Gmail to Zimbra Tool is also responsible in maintaining the folder structure of Gmail mailbox during the migration process. The application has the ability of keeping the hierarchy of Gmail folders in an exact way as before, so that users find easy in accessing the desired file and view the related data.

Generate Entire Migration Summary Report  

After the software has moved the complete Gmail mailboxes to IMAP server, a message will appear on the screen “Conversion is Done”. Clicking on OK will immediately open TXT file that shows the summary of migration and displays the following details such as Starting Date and Time, Saving Option, Destination Path and Status.

Preserves Email Formatting after Migration

Gmail to Zimbra Tool does not only migrate files from one server to another but also keeps the formatting properties of emails such as bcc, from, subject, to, images, hyperlinks intact throughout the process.


Gmail to Zimbra Tool is the best method for migrating Zimbra mailboxes to Zimbra. Download the freeware version of the application and understand the whole software process and features by exporting first 20 Gmail mails to Zimbra free of cost.