How to Export Outlook Contacts to VCF – Step-by-Step Process

admin | email converter | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 17-06-2019

A number of Microsoft users looking for a solution to convert PST contacts to VCF format because vCard/VCF format is easily supported by several applications. If you are in the list of those users who are searching for the solution to export Outlook contacts to VCF format then this blog is going to be very helpful for you where we are explaining a one-stop solution to transfer contacts from Outlook to access in various applications and devices.

What is vCard/VCF?

VCard/VCF is the standardized format for storage of contacts and its related information like name, address, email address, phone number, images, etc.

Why the vCard / VCF file?

The first query arises why only vCard / VCF formats, as there are many other contacts files are presented. The available business cards contain very limited information and it is very tedious to maintain them. For example, a user needs to move Outlook 2016 contacts to Blackberry phone. It would be more beneficial for him to export Outlook contacts to VCF file as it is easy to transfer a vCard file to Blackberry device as it supports VCF format.

There are many benefits of using a vCard file instead of any other contact file. Some of them are listed below:

  • The VCF file formats are adaptable to many day to day used devices like Android smart phones, Blackberry phones, Windows OS, etc.
  • VCF files consume very little space to save the contact information.
  • It stores multimedia data such as images, audio clips, text, logos, etc.

Need to Import Outlook Contacts to VCF File

Let’s talk over the desire to save Outlook contacts to vCard file format from a user query:

“I have 200 above contacts in my Outlook 2019 Address Book and I want to export my Address Book to my Android phone so that I can access it anywhere without logging in my Outlook account. Is it possible to convert Outlook address book to vCard formats, please let me know how can I export Outlook contacts to Android phone with all attachments.”

Don’t worry, here we recommend the expert Outlook PST Converter Tool that allows to export Outlook contacts to VCF file format with attachments.

This blog will explain the two different methods to export Outlook PST to VCF format. The first one will be the manual method and the second one will be the professional solution which can only be performed using the Third-Party Utility.

Manual Method to Move Outlook Contacts to vCard File

  1. Open your Outlook account
  2. Then, navigate to the “People” option in the “Navigation Pane” to open the Outlook Contacts.
  3. Choose the contacts from the tab that you want to convert as VCF file.
  4. Now, click on the Microsoft button and select “Save As” option.
  5. After that, go to the destination folder where you want to save your vCard file> Type File NameSelect (*.VCF) option in Save as Column.
  6. Then, click on the “Save” option to save VCF file.
  7. Finally, press the folder where the VCF file is saved to view the saved Contacts.

Drawbacks of Manual Solution

The above listed manual method is easy but it has many drawbacks. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • The manual solution to export contacts from Outlook PST to vCard file does not support to move multiple contacts at a time.
  • The manual process is a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • The manual process is not 100% successful and effective because they sometimes create wrong information about the address book contacts.
  • The manual solutions technical skills which all the user does not have.

Alternative Solution – PST to VCF Converter

The manual solution give details in the above-section to export Contacts from Outlook to VCF is very simple to perform but at the same time, it is quite lengthy. So, it results in the wastage of time because in this method users are want to export Outlook contacts manually one by one which is not considered as a suitable process for a large number of contacts. That is why there is a requirement of third-party tool which can perform this task successfully in one go. One such tool is PST Converter. It is capable to convert PST Contacts to vCard in batch and that too without any extra efforts.

Key Features:-

  • Quick working utility without any interruptions
  • Safe with no harm to any element of PST file
  • Maintain originality of contacts completely
  • Free demo version to check the software
  • Compatible to work with every size PST file
  • Selected Contacts conversion permission
  • Accuracy maintained in the whole conversion
  • Comfortable working on all Windows platforms


We recommend users to go for PST to VCF Converter third-party tool so users will not face any issues. Choosing manual methods takes a lot of time and even users are not sure for safe conversion results. Moreover, experts also suggest this tool to get a reliable solution to convert Outlook contacts in VCF format.