How to Convert Profile of Thunderbird to Outlook?

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Today migrating data from one email client to other is quite common. But it is not an easy task as different email clients supports different file format. Thunderbird is the widely used email client which is developed by Mozilla Foundation. But because of its suspension users start converting their Thunderbird profile to Outlook. Now the question arises how to convert profile of Thunderbird to Outlook. There are various method through which users can easily convert profile of Thunderbird to Outlook. One such method is Thunderbird Converter. It is a third party software which makes the conversion process so effortless. There is also a manual method which can be used for this purpose. Before moving forward first we see why users opt Outlook to convert profile of Thunderbird and no other email clients.

Benefits of Converting Profile of Thunderbird to Outlook

  • Outlook provide spam filters so that user can easily find email clutters.
  • Keeping data in MS Outlook is more secure as compare to Thunderbird. As PST files can be secured by password in Outlook.
  • Through Outlook user can access their Exchange Server account in Outlook whereas there is no such option available in Thunderbird.
  • Outlook can be configured in any android and Windows supported phone on the other hand Thunderbird can be accessed only on desktop.

Manual Method:

Convert Thunderbird Profile to Outlook by Drag and Drop Method

The method involves two steps through which user can transfer their profile of Thunderbird to Outlook.

Step I

  1. Crete a new folder on your desktop and rename it according to your requirement.
  2. Now open Thunderbird email client on your system.
  3. Then use drag and drop method to transfer files from Thunderbird to the new folder created.

Step II

  1. Open MS Outlook on your system
  2. Now again use drag and drop method to move files from new folder to Microsoft Outlook.

The above explained method can be used to transfer Thunderbird files to Outlook but it involves lots of limitation.

Drawbacks of Drag and Drop Method:

  • The converted files cannot be opened in Outlook as the method is not capable of converting MBOX files to PST format.
  • All your Thunderbird files properties and email formatting will be changed after conversion.

Thunderbird Converter: – A Smart Solution

Thunderbird Converter is the most reliable and smart solution to solve your problem how to convert Thunderbird profile to Outlook. The software comes with lots of features and benefits, which we explain later. First let’s see the working of software.


  1. Download and run Thunderbird Converter on your System.
  2. Now using File mode or Folder mode select the required Thunderbird files and click Next.
  3. After that the software load all your selected files and show Preview of all email messages found in the mailbox.
  4. Now select Outlook in the Select Output type option and press Next.
  5. Then apply all the advanced filters provided by software and browse for the destination location you want to save your PST file and press Export.
  6. Once the conversion is completed a dialogue box open with the message of Conversion completed successfully, click on Ok to finish the process.

Benefits of using Thunderbird Converter:

  1. It is a desktop based application which supports all the Windows version such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc.
  2. It retains the original Folder structure and folder hierarchy after conversion
  3. The software convert Thunderbird Profile to Outlook all edition i.e. 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 etc.
  4. Thunderbird Converter provides a unique feature of split PST in which user can split their huge sized PST files according to their sizes.
  5. The software also eliminate unnecessary conversion by it preview mode which enable user to cross check the selected files before it get converted into PST.

Some Software Related Questions: –

Q1 : Can I transfer multiple Thunderbird profile to Outlook by this software?

A1 : Yes, the software perform batch migration. You can easily transfer multiple Thunderbird profile to Outlook.

Q2 : Will this software convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook along with attachment?

A2 : Yes, Thunderbird Converter converts all emails with their respective attachments to Outlook.

Q3 : Is installation of Thunderbird is necessary to perform the conversion process by this software?

A3 : No, it is not mandatory to Install Thunderbird email client on your PC to convert Thunderbird profile to Outlook by Thunderbird Converter.



In this Blog we give you both manual method and a smart solution i.e. Thunderbird Converter to solve your problem how to convert profile of Thunderbird to Outlook easily. If you want to know more about the smart solution then download Thunderbird Converter demo version which allows you to convert first 20 items of Thunderbird profile to Outlook for free.