Why Is It Necessary to Add Bates Numbering to Legal Documents?

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Summary : This article will describe about various methods for bates numbering legal documents. If you are also searching for a solution to add bates numbering to legal documents, then follow this blog that will describe various reasons and solution for the same.

Why PDFs are Used for Legal Documentation?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most secure file format for sharing crucial data without any risk of data loss or alteration. It facilitates accessing of documents on multiple platforms and devices. Moreover, insertion of digital signature has boosted the security of PDF documents and further enables users in editing, collaborating and sharing information with intended users without any network issues. Given below are the top benefits of using PDF format for legal documents :

  • Compression facility : PDF provides facility of compressing large sized documents into smaller file size, without losing their digital quality. Thus, lawyers and attorneys use PDF format to present their case file in court, without any fear of file size and data alteration issues.
  • Portability : The PDF document is portable in nature, which means it can be accessed on any machine having Windows, Mac or Linux OS. It can also be opened on multiple devices like smartphones, tabs, iPhones etc., without any data mismatch.
  • Enhanced Security : PDF is the most preferred documents type for legal purpose and thus, it is the only permissible document to present in court. Why? Because of its highly advance security features, PDF documents are hard to modify. And if done so vehemently, then there are various legal footprints to check and verify their originality.
  • Password Protection : Today, almost all legal firms are dealing with sensitive and confidential data of various companies, government organizations and even individual users. Since the data is highly sensitive, thus it needs to be protected with high security. Thus, PDF is the most preferred choice for keeping documents safe using its password protection feature.

What Do You Mean By Bates Numbering In PDF?

Bates stamping is a method used to index legal documents by assigning self-incremented number series to PDF pages. It is just like indexing or page numbering of printed books or novels.  Bates numbering also comprises of additional prefix or suffix and can be positioned at the header or footer of the PDF pages. The core reason for adding bates numbering to PDF documents is to easily identify or extract selective information from huge pile of stored data.

Top Reasons for Bates Numbering Legal Documents

Bates stamping is the oldest practice of labelling and identifying legal documents. Earlier, it was done manually, but as time changed, new ways were discovered to save time and efforts and gradually, it was done using electronic methods. As litigation business grew, the number of documents also increased manifold times. and as PDF documents increased in numbers, they all required unique identifiers for each page of PDF document for quick reference and data retrieval.

How to Add Bates Numbering to Legal Documents?

You can add bates stamping to legal PDF documents using various methods, as given below :

Method I : Adobe Acrobat Pro

Method II : Third Party Utility

Method I : Add Bates Number to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

The free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to read PDF files only and all other features remain absent. To use these features, you need to subscribe to the Pro edition of Acrobat Reader. Now, let’s follow the steps to insert bates numbers to PDF using Acrobat Reader :

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro
  2. Go to Tools > Edit PDF >> Secondary Toolbar
  3. Under Secondary toolbar option click on More >> Bates numbering >> Add.
  4. Add PDF files using Add files or Add folder or Add open files option. Browse the location where PDF file are stored at local system.
    Note: If you are adding any password-protected PDF file, then you need to enter the password of each PDF, manually.
  5. Arrange the order of listing of files. Once the files are arranged, click on Add header and footer dialog box, click on OK.
  6. Now tap on Insert bates number and insert the information, i.e., Specify the number of digits to be added. The default value is set as a 6 digits number i.e. 000001 and so on.
  7. Enter prefix or suffix to add any additional information before or after the Bates number.

Method II : PDF Bates Stamping Tool – Professional Solution for Bates Numbering Legal Documents

PDF Bates Stamping Software is one of the finest and cost effective third party utility for adding bates stamp to PDF documents. It supports adding bates numbers to multiple PDF documents in batch. Moreover, it’s a simple to use application that allows both technical and non-technical users to use it effortlessly. Free Demo edition of the software is also provided for free analysis and allows to add bates stamp to first 5 PDF pages for free. Now let’s follow the step by step process to add Bates Number to PDF documents :

  • Download, install and run the software on Windows PC
  • Choose any one option :
    • Generate Bates Number
    • Generate Bates Number for File Series

launch software

  • Now, click on Add File/Add Folder option to Add PDF Files. Note : Tick on Remove Encryption checkbox to decrypt PDF files and Click on Next.

select PDF files using two options

  • Select the required Bates stamping options like Page Number, Prefix, Suffix, Increment By etc. to set bates stamping on chosen PDF documents.

select bates numbering option

  • Now choose the font size, color and position to set bates stamp. Select file naming options and preferred location to save output files and click on Next.

select bates stamping formatting options

  • Now check the preview of PDF files in PDF Viewer, using Preview button.

preview PDF bates stamp

  • Finally hit Generate button to add bates stamping to PDF documents.

Final Words

In the above blog, we have discussed two methods to add bates numbering to legal documents. While one method uses Adobe Acrobat Pro, the second method uses a professional third party utility. You can choose any one method as per your requirement. For your assistance, free demo edition of the PDF Bates Stamping software is also provided that allows to add bates stamp to first 5 PDF pages, enough for free trial.